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Yul Spotting

Places to Spot in Yul.
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Places to Spot in Yul.

Places to see landing and departures.

To see beautiful landings on 24R I suggest:

Pitfield avenue:

You will see beautiful landing 10 meters over your head!

St-Francois street:

There you will see the whole landing and plane taxi to it's gate!

To see beautiful departures of 6L the sames places are good as for runway 24R

To see landings and departures on 6R and 24L:

55Th Avenue:

There you will meet many people that share the same hobby as you do! It is a nice avenue because it is in front of Air Canada's maintenance complex, and Bombardier Aeronautique.

To see parked planes:

Departure level:

To see nice parked places I suggest gate 1 there you will see Air Canada A319,A320 and A321 at best!

Employe parking lot:

There you will see a few transborder planes at gates 80-84 usually there are Continental express Jet (erj's) and Northwest's A319...

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